2016: Things So Far

Things I’ve been up to so far this year (mostly for Dwight Hall, who are wonderful and pay me to write things)

‘Surviving Self-Help Month’: How to get through January.

‘Flint’s Troubled Water’: Some reflections and resources on the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan.

‘Magee Interviews: Jim Ehrman, Love 146’: Interview with the Executive Director of Love 146, an international human rights organisation working to end child trafficking and exploitation through aftercare & prevention.

‘Magee Interviews: Bonita Grubbs, Christian Community Action’: Interview with the Executive Director of Christian Community Action, an ecumenical social service organisation that expresses faithful witness by providing help, housing and hope to those who are poor in New Haven.

‘Nourish New Haven on WNHH Radio, New Haven Independent’: Interview with Betsy Kim of ‘Law, Life & Culture’ about food justice, sustainability and the conference I co-coordinated on those topics.

Forgive my continued ‘not posting anything original here’ stasis. I can make no promises that it will improve any time soon.


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