More ‘Things I wrote Recently’

I know blogs aren’t supposed to act as holding sites for writing elsewhere, but there it is.

George W Bush and the ‘Armies of Compassion’: a longish article for Theos Think Tank on American political religion and the presidency of GWB. Irony filters recommended.

The NHS is Public Grace: short reflection for Threads on the ways the National Health Service demonstrates grace in our ‘secular’ public sphere, why that is unusual, and why that is worth protecting.

Your Shoes Don’t Fit My Feet (On Rescuing Empathy): Would we do better work without All The Feels? A blog post for Dwight Hall at Yale responding to recent article by Professor Bloom, called ‘Against Empathy’.

Magee Interviews: Joy Johannes, FISH of Greater New Haven: Interview for Dwight Hall at Yale. Joy Johannes is the Executive Director of FISH, who provide nutritionally sound grocery assistance to the home-bound in the New Haven area.

Voluntourism: Is It Any Good?: Helping or hurting? A blog post for Dwight Hall at Yale considering ‘voluntourism’ and some tips for making your service trip a positive one.



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